Green Initiative


At JAT of Fort Wayne we strive to “Leave a better future than the one we started with.” The transportation industry has always driven its way to success by advancing new technological and scientific advances to improve our efficiency and productivity.  We are committed to our efforts to leave a reduced carbon footprint and improve the environment.


To accomplish these goals JAT of Fort Wayne has partnered with the US SmartWay program and has adopted a “greener” way of operating.  On our tractors we have added auxiliary power units and fuel-fired bunk heaters.  We are also in the process of retrofitting our trailer fleet with aerodynamic wing devices to reduce their drag coefficient. JAT also uses low rolling resistance tires on all trucks and trailers.

At JAT of Fort Wayne, these improvements are not just limited to our vehicles.  We have also implemented a paperless invoicing system.  Vast quantities of resources are consumed by businesses everyday to create and deliver financial documents, such as invoices, as well as in the disposal process. This can easily be eliminated by replacing the slow, inaccurate manual process, with a more efficient and environmentally friendly, electronic service.


JAT has been awarded for our top ranking in the Top Tier of Carbon Efficiency in the Smart Way Partner Category for 2013 by the US Environmental Protection Agency. JAT takes pride in its Smart Way partnership and continues to focus on the environmental impact in the transporation industry.